Event Details

FIGMENT is an explosion of creative energy. It’s a free, annual celebration of participatory art and culture where everything is possible. For one weekend each summer, it transforms a Toronto park into a large-scale collaborative artwork – and then it’s gone. 

September 17: 12-6pm
September 18: 12-5pm

Dufferin Grove Park, opposite Dufferin Mall
787 Dufferin Street
Click here for directions.

How Much:
FREE! FIGMENT is a free, non-profit event, and we do not accept corporate sponsorships.

What to Bring:
Whatever you need for a day of fun. For specific ideas or if you have specific questions, view our list!
Note: The event is rain-or-shine. If the forecast calls for rain, be prepared to hide – or dance – under porches, arches, and umbrellas while the clouds pass.

What to Expect:
Art and activities in every medium available… especially the art and activities that YOU bring! Click here to submit your idea for an art/performance/workshop activity.  We will post a full schedule of all the registered artwork and activities.

FIGMENT Reminders:
To make sure you and all other visitors have a fun and safe experience, please keep the following in mind:

  1. It is NOT SAFE to CLIMB the art unless the artists indicates the art is for climbing
  2. YOUR child = YOUR responsibility
  3. TREAT the art like it was your HOME
  4. It is NEVER “just you” doing it!
  5. THINK before you ACT
  6. Make the art look even BETTER for the NEXT VISITOR

How to Help:
We invite people to sign up to volunteer to help at the event, and sign up for our email list for continued opportunities to help out throughout the year.

If you enjoy your experiences at FIGMENT, please make a donation!


LEAVE NO TRACE: We adhere to a “Leave No Trace” ethic, and ask you to do the same. If you bring it with you, either bring it back or make sure it gets into a trash receptacle.

NO TRANSACTIONS: One of our goals is to create a social and creative experience uninterrupted by commercial sponsorships, transactions, or advertising. FIGMENT does not sell anything on the Island, and does not allow commerce of any kind.

SHARE YOUR PHOTOS AND VIDEO: Your photos can help us promote and fund-raise for FIGMENT next year! Please tag your Flickr photos and YouTube videos as “FIGMENTToronto" or send links to [email protected]. Full credit will be given each time your work is used.

PROJECT SUBMISSIONS: If you submit your project, it will appear on all maps and schedules, and receive dedicated placement. You may bring it to the park and can use power from the site. If you do not submit your project, we still invite you to bring it!  However, it will not appear on any maps or schedules, and it must be able to be carried or wheeled onto the site without a vehicle, and cannot use power from the site. If you have any questions, please contact us. If you are an artist and plan to submit your project, many of your questions may be answered on our Artist FAQ page.