What is Leave No Trace (LNT)?

Have you ever been to an event where you see garbage lying everywhere and people walk by it hoping that if they ignore it somehow it will magically disappear? Leave no trace means…

We work together to leave the park space in the same condition or better than when we arrived.
You try to pack in and pack out anything you bring; even if there are garbage cans! Remember garbage cans can only hold so much garbage and if everyone uses them, they will overflow.
If a garbage can is full and you can’t pack out your garbage, hold onto it until you can find an empty garbage can somewhere else on the islands.
MOOP! Be a MOOP ambassador (Matter Out Of Place) by:

  • Picking up any garbage you walk by and placing it in a garbage bin or packing it out with you.
  • Educating others. There is nothing wrong with politely explaining the importance of Leave No Trace to others who have accidentally dropped garbage or are creating MOOP.
  • By helping with leave no trace you make our volunteers working end of day Sunday much happier as they can go home earlier if there is less garbage to pick up and deal with. The last thing hard working volunteers wish to do is clean up garbage at the end of an event.